IMPACT database

During IMPACT I, the collective of investigators collaborating on this research proposal extracted and merged individual patient data from three unselected prospective series and eight more selected therapeutic trials into the IMPACT database.

These data sets include the largest prospective series and most extensive phase III trials, conducted to date in the field of moderate and severe TBI. The principal investigator and/or co-investigators were actively involved in many of these studies, either as member of the Executive Committee, investigator, or as consulting statistician.

We gratefully acknowledge permission from the principal investigator of each study, where appropriate from sponsoring pharmaceutical companies and from ABIC and EBIC to access the data for purposes of the current study.

Details on these datasets and on the current IMPACT database are contained in the manuscript by Marmarou et al, 2007.

In IMPACT II the IMPACT database has been expanded to include more recent datasets in collaboration with the CRASH- trial investigators and with the TARN-network. For an overview of these datasets please click here.