The IMPACT project was initiated in 2003 and is a collaborative venture between the University Hospital Antwerp, the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the University of Edinburgh, UK and the Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va, USA with grant support from NIH-NINDS (RO1 42691).

In IMPACT II investigators work together with the CRASH-trial collaborators and the TARN-network.

The project has the full support of the American and European Brain Injury Consortia (ABIC and EBIC).

An International Advisory Board has been constituted, including individuals with both methodological and clinical expertise. The membership includes the principal investigators from many of the studies whose data underpin this project. The main role of the Advisory Board is to act as a sounding board for the investigators as ideas and results flow from the project. Further, the Advisory Board will be instrumental in overseeing resource sharing policy.

The IMPACT investigators are strong believers in international collaboration. In fact, the entire project is only possible by virtue of data sharing and mutual collaboration between research teams. The expanded IMPACT database on TBI which we will be creating is an invaluable resource for further research which we would wish to encourage. For procedures for data sharing, please click here.