Neuropsychological impairment

Neuropsychological impairments are frequent following TBI. Extensive testing can be implemented to capture subtle and overt impairments. It should be noted that routinely administered neuropsychological test batteries may not always permit detection of impairments in cognitive and executive functioning after TBI. The RAVLT and the CVLT-II tests are measures of word list learning and belong to the most widely studied measures of cognition with extensive normative data. The RAVLT is available in the public domain. The CVLT is copyrighted to NCS, Pearson, Inc. The WAIS III/WAIS IV Processing speed Index is based on the Digit Symbol Coding and Symbol Search subtests of the WAIS III/IV. It is a measure of information processing rate and highly sensitive to the effects of TBI. The TMT is a measure of attention, speed and mental flexibility.